soc gar front coverSocial garbage is composed of twenty autobiographical statements written by MAPs (Minor Attracted People) who are, or have been, incarcerated in various prisons in the United States. The editors of this book were in communication with many of these people, most of whom were currently incarcerated, and we sent them a questionnaire regarding their lives and opinions. A surprising number of them sent us thoughtful responses. Those responses provided us with most of the material you will find in this book. The fanciful and cartoon-like images of MAPs that are paraded before us in the mainstream media emphasize their presumed demonic characteristics. These images have no basis in reality. MAPs are human beings whom we can understand, and with whom we can communicate – not freaks that can be safely viewed only from a distance. We felt that the freakish and demonic images could best be challenged by allowing the public to hear the MAPs themselves describe their lives, their beliefs, and their aspirations.

You can order a paperback version of this book for $14.95, or download an

e-pub for $1.50 at Lulu.

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