This is a curious little episode that I received in a letter from an incarcerated boy-lover. It illustrates something that I believe is an almost universal aspect of child sexuality. The illustration is by the person who contributed the vignette. See my poem on the exhibitionism here.


naked adventuresYou might be interested to read of how my burgeoning but oppressed sexuality manifested itself when I was a boy. Specifically from ages 11-13, I went through a phase when I experimented with my own nudity. This likely was triggered by that skinny-dipping experience with Derik that I wrote about [in another letter to me]. But these episodes I engaged in alone. I did some crazy risky things, like sneaking out of the house after my parents were asleep. I’d remove all my clothes and run around my back yard, and then front yard, but feeling safe enough after dark.

After a few if these experiences, I got braver. Home alone, in the middle of the day, I once climbed a ladder onto the roof of our house naked, and laying on the shingled roof, I masturbated briefly. The most exciting experiment I tried – and this was crazy in retrospect – I would take off all my clothes in the house, then deliberately lock myself out in the backyard. I’d leave the front door of our house unlocked – my only way back in! I would be forced to run, completely naked in broad daylight, all the way across our expansive front lawn and up the porch steps in order to get back into the house. This always left me exhilarated and I clearly recall my erection.

It seems as if this was behavior that would have developed into a pattern. But I when puberty hit, I just stopped and never did it again.


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