Some Quality Movies That Deal With Inter-

generational Love:

ABoy examining a filmcla by Aurelio Grimaldi

En Su Aucencia by director Ivan Noel

For A Lost Soldier by director  Roeland Kerbosch

Freedom is Paradise by Director Sergie Bodrov

Harold and Maud by director Hal Ashby

Lolita  by director Stanley Kubrick

Montreal Main  by director Frank Vitale

The Annunciation by director Andras Jeles

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros by director Aureus Solito

The Flavor of Corn by director Gianni Da Campo

The Ogre by director  Volker Schlondorff

This Special Frienship by director John Delanoy

Tom and Lola by director Bertrand Arthuys

You Are Not Alone by director Ernest Johanes

Whole New Thing by director Amnon Buchbinder

Wild Tigers I Have Known by director Cam Archer

Sundays and Cybele by director Serge Bourguignon

Cinema Paradiso by directot Guseppe Torantore

Brotherly by director J.C. Oliva (short indie film)

A Russian Elephant in the Room by director Tanya Andrews (short indie film)