These videos will provide clear explanations as to why the mainstream belief system with regard to “pedophiles” is indefensible on account of both faulty logic and a total disregard for data.

A great deal of the confusion surrounding the pedophile panic that has gripped our society has to do with language, so we begin with some observations about the relationship between language and social norms.: What's In a Word

Next we examine a few of the most important logical fallacies that are used to distort reality: A Special Logic

Everybody knows what "normal" means. Well, perhaps not:  What Is "Normal?"

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men? Maybe what we most need: The Shadow Knows

Why is it so difficult to agree on what this slippery term means: What Is "Consent?"

If a good time was had by all, wherein is the abuse? When Is Abuse, Abuse?

What is the nature of this creature that we fear so much? What Is a "Pedophile" Like?

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