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I am making a thumb-drive available that contains most of the material I have written that I think might have some significance for other people. I refer to it as my archive file. It’s quite amazing how much material one can put on an ordinary thumb drive. Overall, the material on the thumb drive represents an effort to collect in one place those things I wrote that I would like to still be around after I die – not for “posterity” which is a very long time, but maybe for a few years.

I am depending on a dandelion strategy. Dandelions have a surprisingly successful strategy for reproducing themselves. In the final stage of their lives they release their seeds to the winds and trust that a small number of them will lodge themselves in various nooks and crannies where some of them will grow into new plants. At 81 years of age I am reaching that stage of life that dandelions have reached when you see them as little fluffy puff-balls sitting on top of a simple stem, waiting for a gust of wind to complete their life cycle. If I may toot my own horn, I think you will find some good novels here and some good poems, and maybe a few worthwhile essays.

Most of the novels explore the issue of inter-generational love as at least one of its themes. Many, but not all, of the poems do.

If I encounter you, or know you personally, I will not ask you whether you have read any of this material, so there is no pressure from me for you to do anything. But of course I would be interested in your thoughts.

If you send me a request to receive a copy of my archives thumb drive and a snail-mail address, I’ll send you one.  Send your request to Jay Edson, Box 575, Lincoln, Maine  04457. If you are doing OK financially I would appreciate $10.00 to cover postage, materials and and handling. I am not set up to accept credit or debit cards. You can make the payment with a first-class book of stamps, a check, or a postal money order. Or, if you are having trouble making ends meet, you can have it for nothing. The intent of dandelion strategy is not to make money but to achieve the widest distribution possible of materials that might help make society a little better.

Here is some information about the kinds of material that is contained on this disk:


I tried to include here all the poems I ever wrote that I could find that I felt had merit. They are arranged alphabetically.


These were plays that were created by the group of kids I knew from the church I attended working with me. The creation of each play began with a question that I asked the group that showed up to do a play: “What has had you worried lately?” Then we thought up a story we thought would illustrate that concern, and hopefully say something interesting, provocative and perhaps funny about it.


Two of the books in this section are by me – an account of my imprisonment and a more general rambling book about events in my life and their philosophical significance, – Those Were my Realities and and The Ontology of I-Thou.

The other two books in this section, Social Garbage and Voices Never Heard, consist of short autobiographical pieces submitted by incarcerated people who describe what it’s like to be them in their situation.

Short Stories

This section contains an assortment of short stories meant for children and some more for adults. They represent a very small fraction of stories I told to children.


These are Mama Bear-size stories – not as big as Papa Bear novels or as small and tender as Baby Bear-size short stories. That’s all that is distinctive about them.


Included here there are seven novels that were written fairly late in my life. I wrote some other novels when I was younger, but they did not turn out so well.


I didn’t try to include all my articles here. But in a few of the articles I was saying things that other people didn’t seem to be saying. I thought these might be worth saving.

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