book cover for a galaxy of no-starsComing to terms with the sudden loss of billions of humans in a single event has so long been an underlying theme of stories that the genre has its own name -- the post-apocalyptic novel. Many deal with the practical dramas and demands of such an event, and many with the sociological ones implicit in rebuilding human society from what scraps remain. Few books, though, have ever used this genre to question our very notion of 'human society', of what is right and wrong, of the nature and purpose of human morality itself and of how humans must re-think their society's attitudes, goals, structures, and behaviors.

A Galaxy of No-Stars does.

Spanning some 30 years from a devastating plague that decimates humanity, its story follows the lives of widely diverse survivors, many of whom coalesce into differing social structures -- some based on pre-existing paradigms and some on entirely new thinking.

This is a compelling tale that challenges humanity's capacity to re-invent itself, but it is ultimately one that offers hope for humans, if only they can grasp the reality of who and what they are and how best they function.

To read a selection from this book, click here: Show Me an Abnormal Mountain .

 "A Galaxy of No-Stars" is available in paperback at

A free PDF of a version of "A Galaxy of No_Stars" can be downloaded here.





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