image of blue guitarOn this site you will find several books  by Jay Edson for sale.  You will also find studies, works of art, poetry, narratives and essays that will challenge assumptions that seem to have become unquestionable in the United States today.

With each of the novels we have included a chapter or section that should suffice to tell you whether you would be interested in buying the book. The one exception might be “This Too Is Love” where the style of the different stories varies so much that it was impossible to select a “typical” one.

Selling the books is a way of trying to recoup some of the money that was spent getting the books printed. Beyond that, the mission of Every Farthing Publications is to challenge the demonized image that dominates the perception of minor attracted adults in this society. It seems to us that narratives and accurate information are the best ways of doing that. We also believe that the arts have a political impact in changing how we experience our reality, so poems and pictures are included.

You will find no pornography on this page. We believe that pornography, either visual or written, whether it pertains to adults or children, is a result of the disconnection between sex and relationship. From this perspective, puritanism and pornography are two sides of the same coin. Some of the books do have sections that deal with eroticism between older and younger people, but this is always presented as an aspect of a significant relationship.

Most of the material on this page is directed toward adults. Centrally we have the needs of the minor attracted adult in mind. However, we also would like to be of help to the friends and family of minor attracted adults, to professionals who work in any way with minor attracted adults, and to anyone who would like to know more about this subject.

In the stories section, some of the stories are for children. Others are for adults, not because there is anything x-rated in them, but simply because children would be unlikely to understand them. Rather than labeling them, we leave it to the reader to decide which ones  he or she might wish to share with children.






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